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5 Healthy Energy Boosting Ideas to Get You Through The Work Day

How often do you feel that when the afternoon rolls around and you are at work, you feel absolutely drained? It is so tempting to go for unhealthy food and drink options to boost our energy, such as sugary treats like candy bars and doughnuts or sugary drinks such as sodas. Our health clinics at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few healthy energy boosting ideas to help get you through your workday.  If you are searching for a new doctor at the Lake of the Ozarks, consider Central Ozarks Medical Center. In fact, we have a new doctor joining us at our Osage Beach location and he is currently taking patients. Dr. Jamie Thomas will be starting February 18th and we are honored to have him on board.

5 Healthy Energy Boosting Ideas to Get You Through The Work Day

Move Around.
The human body was not built to be sitting in an office at a desk all day. Get up and move around when you start to fee drained. Go and walk to your co-worker instead of e-mailing them. Take a walk around the building, do whatever you can or are able to do to move around for a bit to boost your energy level in a healthy way.

Eat Something Healthy and Light for Lunch.
Avoid eating a high starchy meal that could make you feel very full and tired after lunch time and try something light, like a turkey sandwich or a salad. You'll be thankful you did come the afternoon.

Keep Hydrated and Drink More Water.
You'd be surprised at how energized you can feel just by drinking more water. So, instead of going for that sugary soda, go for that bottle of water and boost your energy level in a healthy way.

Breathe Deeply.
Stress from work-related issues can make you feel drained as well. Deal with your stress in a healthy way and while this may sound obvious, you'd be surprised how easy it can be to forget to do it but take a few deep breaths.

Eat More Protein.
If you need an afternoon snack to get through the rest of the workday, opt for something with protein, like cashews or almonds. For extra protein, you can choose fish for lunchtime.

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