Thursday, December 20, 2018

Break Your Unhealthy Habits this Holiday Season with COMC

The holidays are coming! While the holiday season is a time for giving and can be very exciting and fun, people can still tend to get very stresses out this time of year. From planning a huge Christmas feast to rushing around at the last minute to get the perfect Christmas gifts for your family members, there can be a lot to do. When you are running around, rushing to get everything done for your holiday party, all while still managing to work at full-time job - it can be very easy to forget one of the most vital things of all - take care of yourself. Don't lose yourself in unhealthy habits this time of year. Our health clinics at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few examples of unhealthy habits that you should work toward breaking this holiday season. If you are looking for a new doctor at the Lake of the Ozarks, consider Central Ozarks Medical Center. We believe it is not just about what we do, but how we do it that counts.

Break Your Unhealthy Habits this Holiday Season with COMC

Forgetting to Wash Your Hands
Everyone is likely gathering together for the holidays, everyone from the newborns to the elderly. More people bring more germs, so don’t forget to sanitize. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Sanitize your hands before and after eating. 
  • Always wash your hands after using the restroom. 
  • With all of the excitement around the holidays, you are likely rushing around and you could easily forget to wash or sanitize your hands.
  • It only takes a few minutes, so make the time to sanitize.

Overeating Simply Because It Is The Holidays
Holiday meals can really be delicious but don’t overdo it. Save your leftovers and eat them the next day versus trying to eat everything in one sitting. No one wants a stomach ache the day after Christmas.

Eating Because You're Bored
Who’s guilty of snacking in between arriving at your holiday destination all the way until dinner is ready? The holidays are such a fun time of year, but you don’t have to let your diet slip away. If you are going to snack then try going for the veggie or fruit tray versus the holiday sweets.

Forgetting to Sleep - HUGE no no
If you are hosting Christmas or a New Year’s party at your home, chances are you have been running around busy preparing for your holiday party. Don’t forget to sleep! You still need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, even around the holidays.

Let COMC Help You Take Care of You This Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays from COMC! Here at our health clinics in Mid Missouri, our mission is to increase access to comprehensive primary and preventative health care and to improve the health care status of underserved and vulnerable populations in Camden, Laclede, Miller, and Pulaski Counties. We also strive to let people know that no health insurance shouldn't mean no affordable healthcare. Our belief is that it is not just what we do here at Central Ozarks Medical Center, but how we do it that makes all the difference. Learn more about us and check out our website at

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