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Tips for Avoiding Getting Sick in the Workplace

How often do your co-workers STILL come into work sick? This happens way more times than it should. Whether they feel an obligation to come in, despite their illness or they just have anxiety their work won't get done, whatever the reason may be, some people refuse to stay home when they are sick. Unfortunately, when this happens they could be risking getting their co-workers sick too. As someone who is not sick, but has to work with someone who is, what do you do? Your health clinics at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few tips for avoiding getting sick in the workplace. If you find yourself getting sick, you should give yourself the quality, affordable healthcare at the Lake of the Ozarks you deserve. Consider Central Ozarks Medical Center. Learn more about our affordable, quality healthcare services by visiting our website at

Tips for Avoiding Getting Sick in the Workplace

Get Your Flu Shot When You Can
According to the CDC, flu season can last as late as May. You should also note:

  • "Flu vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses [the B/Victoria component was changed and the influenza A(H3N2) component was updated]."
  • "For the 2018-2019 season, the nasal spray flu vaccine (live attenuated influenza vaccine or “LAIV”) is again a recommended option for influenza vaccination of persons for whom it is otherwise appropriate. The nasal spray is approved for use in non-pregnant individuals, 2 to 49 years old. There is a precaution against the use of LAIV for people with certain underlying medical conditions. All LAIV will be quadrivalent (four-component)."

Sanitize Your Desk and Your Entire Workspace
Wipe down your desk and surrounding work area with a disinfectant. While it may seem obvious to do this when you know a co-worker is sick, you should do it on a regular basis just to be safe. You could have co-workers who are sick but are showing recognizable signs yet.

Wash Your Hands Throughout The Day
Try and prevent yourself from getting your co-workers sick germs and wash your hand s frequently. You can also carry hand sanitizer and use that when you can't get up to wash your hands.

Avoid Biting Your Nails
Avoid spreading the bacteria and keep your hands out of your mouth. Break this habit now and try and avoid getting sick in the workplace.

Get the Quality, Affordable Healthcare at the Lake of the Ozarks You Deserve

You can't make the sick co-worker go home, but you can do everything in your power to avoid getting sick yourself. If you haven't already, consider getting a flu shot at your local Lake of the Ozarks health clinic. Central Ozarks Medical Center offers a discounted fee to patients based on their household size and household income. The Sliding Fee Program includes fees for medical, dental and behavioral health services. To determine eligibility, COMC will need to ask you to bring in personal financial information.  Any information we ask you for will be strictly confidential.  None of your personal information, financial or medical, can be released without your written consent.  The information we are asking for is used solely to determine household size and household income.  Applications are effective for a one-year period. To learn more visit,

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