Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6 Myths About Health You Probably Believe

Health is an interesting thing. We tend to take it for granted and not think much of it until if/when something happens and we lose it. Once it's gone, we do everything in our power to get it back as quickly as possible. Ironically, maintaining good health is often much easier than regaining health once it has been lost.

As the best health clinics in central Missouri, we at Central Ozarks Medical Center have made it our mission to help improve the health of patients all over the Mid-Missouri region. This week, we are taking the opportunity to bust some common myths about health so that you may break past the misinformation to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Myth #1: Being Outside In The Cold Can Make You Sick.
Despite the prevalence of this myth, the truth is that being exposed to cold air cannot, by itself, make you sick. In fact, you may be more likely to get sick if you stay indoors, where germs are more easily passed. The only caveat is that if you are already slightly under the weather, cold air may compromise an already struggling immune system, thus worsening your symptoms.

Myth #2: Everyone Should Take A Multivitamin.
Multivitamins have long been heralded for their health benefits. Packed with lots of different vitamins, a multivitamin can your body get the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy. While it's true that some people can benefit greatly from a multivitamin, not everyone needs one. If you're eating a well-rounded diet of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and healthy oils, you should be getting all the nutrients you need already.

Myth #3: Toilets Are The Dirtiest Parts Of Public Bathrooms.
If you're worried about germs, you probably hate the idea of using a public toilet. Most people who are worried about germs will use a toilet seat cover to shield them from the germs that may be on the seat. While there may be some germs on the toilet, the truth is that the toilet is often the cleanest part of the bathroom. The floors, door handles, and bathroom/stall doors (areas that are not cleaned as frequently) are the real places you need to watch out for.

Myth #4: Cracking Knuckles Leads To Arthritis.
If you crack your knuckles or pop other joints regularly, you've probably heard people caution you that the habit can lead to arthritis. However, no studies have been able to prove this correlation. The popping sound actually forms from a harmless gas bubble that "pops" between your bones.

Myth #5: Alcohol Warms Your Body
This is a widely held belief, but physically and anatomically speaking, it isn't true. Drinking alcohol can cause your blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow near the skin. This can cause you to feel warmer, but the reality is that it can actually cause you to lose body heat faster.

Myth #6: You Must Drink Eight 8 oz Glasses Of Water Daily To Stay Hydrated
Experts generally recommend that you drink 64 ounces (or eight 8 oz glasses) of water per day in order to stay hydrated. While this is a helpful guideline, not everybody needs to drink this much water in order to stay hydrated. Conversely, some people need to drink more water in order to maintain healthy hydration. The best rule of thumb is to watch your body's signals. Dark (as opposed to very light or clear) urine, for example, is often a sign that the body is dehydrated.

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