Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sunburn Prevention Tips for 2018

The warmer temperatures are here again! While you probably can’t wait to get back outside and start swimming, hiking, camping, walking, kayaking, or canoeing again – safety first. If you are feeling ill due to a sunburn, you should contact your nearest health clinic at the Lake of the Ozarks as soon as possible. Central Ozarks Medical Center is here to give you a few sunburn prevention tips for 2018.

Sunburn Prevention Tips for 2018

Tip # 1
Wear a sun hat.
Wide-brimmed hats do the best for providing the most shade and protecting your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

Tip # 2
Wear sunscreen.
Be mindful of the SPF level on your sunscreen. You should be using at least SPF 15 but the higher the number the stronger the sunscreen.

Tip # 3
Cover up.
Modest swimsuits that cover your everything from your shoulders to your kneecaps (for women) may not be the most flattering but they do provide a lot more protection if you are looking to swim but also be as protected from the sun as you possibly can.

Tip # 4
Try to stay in the shade as much as possible between 10 am and 4 pm.
The sun is at it’s strongest at these times, so do your best to find shade or be as covered as possible.

The COMC Health Clinics at the Lake of the Ozarks

We hope you found these sunburn prevention tips helpful. Central Ozarks Medical Center has been providing quality healthcare in Central Missouri since 1979.  Central Ozarks Medical Center’s staff members are committed to leading the way to healthier communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase access to comprehensive primary and preventative health care and to improve the healthcare status of underserved and vulnerable populations in Camden, Laclede, Miller and Pulaski Counties.  Our belief is that it is not just what we do here at Central Ozarks Medical Center, but how we do it that makes all the difference.

If you are feeling ill from a sunburn are would like to visit one of our local health clinics, we clinics in the following locations:

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