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Our providers believe that physical health is affected by a patient's emotional and behavioural health, both aspects must be treated for a positive outcome. Our experienced medical staff at Central Ozarks Medical Center practice cooperative health care and are able to offer tools and programs such as assessments, private consultations, family counseling and when needed; referrals to other specialized resources. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of family counseling, private counseling, and our behavioral health providers at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Family Counseling

If a family has experienced a stressful event that has put a strain on their relationships with one another, they could possibly benefit from therapy. Family counseling aims to promote understanding among family members in order to solve the problems of one or more individuals.

Private Counseling

Depending on what behavioral health issue you may have, one of our provider may suggest private consultations. Behavioral therapy can change how we act. Don't avoid situations and other people because you don't feel comfortable or confident. Behavioral therapy can provide that step you need to feel more comfortable in situations that may cause you anxiety.

Our Behavioral Health Providers

Our behavioral health providers are Michael Stone, PsyD, Elizabeth Ewers Teel, Ph. D., and Danette Harrington, LCSW.

Prior to joining Central Ozarks Medical Center, all of our behavioral health providers had experience in their perspective fields and have always shown great passion for what they do.

Dr. Stone operated a private psychological practice in the Osage Beach, and Jefferson City areas. His specialty areas of practice are psychotherapy with adults and older adult populations as well as psychological testing and assessments.

Dr. Teel worked for the State Department of Mental Health, Comprehensive Psychological Services Division for 18 years; the last 6 as the Chief of Children’s Community Operations for the Central Region (31 Counties). She left this position to join Pathways Behavioral Health Care for the past 5 years as a Clinical Psychologist in their Jefferson City and Waynesville Offices.

Danette practiced in an outpatient mental health clinic. Danette also worked as a medical clinical social worker with hospice, home health care, ER, nursing home and dialysis patients. Danette utilizes a service dog, Dollie, in her practice for those patients who desire to interact with pet therapy

Contact Central Ozark Medical Center to Schedule Your Appointment

We conveniently have 5 mid Missouri health clinics, including our locations in Richland, Osage Beach, Camdenton, Stone Castle (also located in Camdenton), and our Dental office (located in Richland). To schedule an appointment regarding behavioral health, you may call one of the following clinics:
  • Richland Medical Center - 573.765.5141
  • Osage Beach Medical Center - 573.302.7490
  • Camdenton Medical Center - 573.346.4446
  • Stone Castle Medical Center - 573.317.9200
We accept all patients with or without health insurance. We pride ourselves on offering quality healthcare that works best with your financial situation.

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