Friday, June 26, 2020

Healthy Habits To Get Your Kids Into This Summer

Summer 2020 has officially started! What does your family plan to do this summer? Are you going on a vacation or planning a STAYcation? Perhaps you will be spending a ton of time on the Lake of the Ozarks? Maybe your kids LOVE to read and they have started a summer reading list? Whatever your plans may be, our Lake of the Ozarks Health Center wishes you a very, fun, and happy summer! Central Ozarks Medical Center is here to give you a few healthy habits to get your kids into this summer. Don't forget that our health clinics at the Lake of the Ozarks serve everyone from newborns to the elderly. If you need to make an appointment for one of your children with an experienced Pediatrics Provider, please call Central Ozarks Medical Center. To know who our Pediatric Providers are and to call to schedule an appointment, please visit HERE.

Healthy Habits To Get Your Kids Into This Summer

Start a garden this year with your kids. This activity can give your children the perfect combination of physical activity and healthy eating. While it takes some hard work to keep a garden going, it can all be worth it, in the end, to ensure your children are staying physical and getting to eat some healthy options once your garden starts producing some delicious vegetables.

Sports can be a great physical activity for your kids to enjoy. There are so many to choose from and you can even participate with your kids in the backyard when it comes to some sports. Here are a few examples of great summer sports you can get your kids involved in:
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Running
These are just a few examples, but the sky can be the limit here. Not only are these physical activities that can give your kids a healthy amount of exercise but it can give them the chance to spend some valuable time with others, such as siblings, friends, or you, their parents while having fun participating in a sport.

Clearly, the sun can be really strong in this area during the summertime. Your kids should be drinking plenty of water each day. Sunscreen should be applied if they plan to stay outside for very long. If your kids aren't very fond of either of these options, you can make it a fun activity. Reward them for drinking water and applying sunscreen. For example, give them a fun sticker for doing these types of tasks.

All of us here at Central Ozarks Medical Center hope that you all enjoy your summer this year! Remember, if you need to make an appointment with one of our providers, all phone numbers and locations can be found on our website at You can also stay up to date on our latest announcements by following us on our social media channels listed below.

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