Friday, September 1, 2017

It's Baby Safety Month!

At Central Ozark Medical Center, we believe from the first heart beat, you want to give your children the best of everything, including the best home environment. Baby proofing in the modern world is very different than it used to be. In honor of National Baby Safety Month, our health clinics in Mid-Missouri would like to give you 5 tips on how to baby proof your home today.

Baby Proofing Your Home Today

1. Cover Your Outlets

Over time, people have used the plugs to protect their children from the electrical outlets in their homes. Now, outlet covers that include sliding doors are available. Compared to the plugs, they can be much more user-friendly and not as rough to operate. The plugs have been known to be difficult to take out of the outlet, with a sliding door, you no longer have that issue.

2. Secure Your Furniture

There can be many pieces of heavy furniture in homes. Secure them. These pieces of furniture can include desks, chairs, tables, shelves, and other pieces of furniture that can be fun to climb on, but if the furniture is not secured with restraints or brackets, they could fall over.

3. Keep the Video Monitor Out of Reach

Video baby monitors can be all the rage now. People are moving away from the audio only monitors to the video monitors. Just remember that some of these video monitors come with cords, which can pose a threat to your child. You can just keep these far out of their reach, away from the crib. You can also just purchase a wireless video monitor and not have to worry about the cords.

4. Secure Every TV

Last but not least, secure your TVs. Many people have flat screen TVs in their homes these days and they can be put on any available surface throughout the home. Children can easily climb up and knock them over. You can secure your TVs with brackets to help keep them from falling over.

5. Keep Phone Chargers and Laptop Cords Out of Reach

Cords pose a serious danger to your children. Most of us seem to plug in our phones every night to charge. Cords are just used so much in today's technology age. Try hiding them behind furniture where wandering childrens hands can't find them.

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