Friday, June 30, 2017

The Facts Behind Pregnancy Superstitions

There are many pregnancy superstitions out there. Central Ozarks Medical Center believes that knowledge and preparation are KEY to a healthy pregnancy.  Our OB providers know that every birth is special and they are very privileged to have the chance to guide expectant mother throughout their pregnancies. Our health clinics in Mid Missouri are going to show you the facts behind some of them today in our blog. 

The fullness of a pregnant woman's face can determine a baby's gender.

Yes, every expectant mother gains weight during pregnancy, but every pregnancy is different. Some people may tell you your  face is round, so you're having a girl. They may be correct, but it's just as likely they're incorrect.

Having a baby boy could mean a long, difficult labor.

According to CNN, researchers aren't quite sure why this is true, but in 2003, a team of doctors looked at more than 8000 births at a single hospital in Ireland between 1997 & 2000, excluding women who delivered prematurely or needed to induce labor. When they ran the numbers, labor for boys lasted a little over 6 hours, while girls took a little under 6 hours.

Stay away from bananas, if you want to have a girl. 

CNN shows, in 2008 a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society Basked 740 women who were pregnant for the first time to describe their diets leading up to conception. The women in the top third of the study, calorie wise, had boys 56% of the time, among the third that consumed the fewest calories, 55% had girls.

Heartburn could mean a hairy baby.

CNN also shows that in the second trimester of pregnancy, babies develop a coat of fine hair all over their bodies, called lanugo. Sometime, in the third trimester, they shed it and eat it. A baby's first feces, in fact can be digested remains of their own body hair.

Your baby's sex can be determined by the shape and height of your belly.

People have been known to say, if an expecting mother is carrying high, than the baby will be a girl, if they are carrying low than it will be a boy. This is not true. The shape and height of your stomach is justified by your:

  • muscle tone
  • uterine tone
  • weight gained
  • position baby is in
The best way to tell the gender of your baby is to talk to your doctor about an ultrasound. Don't rely on superstition.

Our mid-Missouri obstetrics providers and their staff of nurses will work to keep you informed and answer all of your questions from pregnancy confirmation to your post-partum check-up. All of our locations serve everyone from newborns to the elderly. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website.

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